Saturday, May 24, 2014


I finally got the throw pillow for the balcony bench. I love sitting on this bench that overlooks our backyard and has a great view for miles. I bought the pillow on sale and to avoid the shipping charges, I had it sent to the store. This week was so crazy I could not get to the store to pick it up. Today I drove over and got it.  I think it looks great. Now I can sit length-wise and lean on the wall with my feet up and not break my back!

I also have some great news! I got a letter today concerning my citation on Easter.  Looking back I realized I don't think I mentioned my parking citation.  On Easter Day Brenda and I went to the beach to watch surfers attempt to surf. We brought a picnic and had a good but chilly time.  When we got back to the car, we had a $38 citation. I was miffed because I paid for a 4 hour parking pass that you put on the dashboard.  Brenda had put it on the passenger side and when she closed the door it slid under the windshield wiper a bit. But if the person had put in some effort they would have seen it was there.

When I got home I wrote this letter explaining that I paid for a ticket, etc. I mailed the ticket and a copy of my parking pass along with my appeal. Today we got the best news: "Your appeal has been granted. Amount owed $0."  Justice  for the little guy!  I did my happy dance.   This paid for my outdoor pillow plus burritos for both of us!!

Until tomorrow...

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