Thursday, May 15, 2014


How do you feel about people being late? Does it bother you or do you not care?

I am a very on time person. I am usually early. Especially for work things. My partner is not always on time to things but gets crazy if people are late.  I can't explain it.

This week we have been having our bathroom renovated due to a leak in the shower floor.  I have asked the workers to let me know what time they are going to come to work and to contact me if they are going to be late. Today they said they were going to arrive at 9am but didn't arrive until 11am. This drove my partner crazy. She wanted me to yell at someone. I kept telling her bees to honey but she wouldn't listen.

A. It is hard enough to find someone to work on a small job without her running them off.
B. They are contractors. That means they can work when they want to. Sure I would like them to be here at 9am so they will get the job done faster but that is not my call.

After a talk I think we have it all figured out. He will text me if they are going to be late.  Personally, I think this intense heat is getting to everyone. We need rain not anymore hot days!

Until tomorrow...


  1. It's aggravating when people don't show up when they say they will--and even more so when they're contractors--strangers--who've created an overwhelming mess in your home that only they can clean up.

    You're right about flies and honey. On the other hand, you're employing these contractors, paying them for their work. They owe you the same respect you're giving them. I've been through home renovations and repairs, too, and I understand both your's and Brenda's reactions. You both just want the work finished so life can go back to normal!

    And oh, this miserable, too-early heat. And oh, all the terrible fires. It's going to be a long, long summer in California, I'm afraid. I'm sending requests for reasonable temperatures to the universe in the hope that Someone out there might hear me and help...

    Hang in there, Adrienne... :o)

    1. Thanks Wren! The heat finally broke today.

      Now all we need is some rain!

      Today the guys showed up on time. Only two more days for this stage of the project. Can't wait to move back downstairs!!!


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