Friday, May 23, 2014


My desktop computer that I use as a secondary and back-up computer, is running on Windows XP. It runs pretty well since it's little glitch about 1.5 years ago.  If you have been reading the papers or watching the news, XP has ended. There are no more updates, programs won't run on it anymore and Norton virus software will not work on it anymore. This has now become a problem.

Today I went over to the computer store to find out my options. This computer was bought on the cusp of the Windows 7 rollout.  I was supposed to have been sent Windows 7 disks in the mail but when I ipopened the envelop, it was XP disks. They sent me the wrong disks.  Now I have to buy Windows 7 and install it.  This is my worst nightmare. Wiping clean a computer and reinstalling all the programs. Ugh!

When I get Windows, the process will begin.

Until tomorrow...

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