Sunday, May 11, 2014


Today I woke up with swollen fingers. I guess maybe I pushed it a bit yesterday.

Today I took it a little easy for Mother's Day.  I had a leisurely lunch in the backyard on my picnic table.  I am a bit frustrated because a heron has been coming by our pond and I haven't seen some of our fish for a few days. Now they could be hiding or they be, gulp, bird food.  I am trying to be positive that they are laying low.

After lunch I planted my herbs. Dill, basil, parsley were all planted in my new herb garden.  Hopefully the fence will keep the pups out!

Then I planted rosemary in a separate container since Rosemary can get a bit unruly.

I planted the flowers and the tomato plant in small containers that we are going to take up on the balcony.   I love to have the color when I look out on the balcony. We just hope the dogs don't eat the plants.

I need more dirt to finish the job.

  1. Until tomorrow...


  1. There is something so ... hopeful, optimistic, and cheerful about planting flowers, vegetables, and herb-gardens in the springtime! Bravo, Adrienne! You've made me smile. :o)

    1. So glad I could make you smile Wren!


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