Monday, May 12, 2014


Today I planted some more herbs. I planted mint in a separate container. Mint can get a little wild if you let it.  I planted tarragon and thyme in the herb garden.  I have space for one more herb. I am thinking cilantro but I am trying decide what other herb I use a lot. I know lavender is pretty but I am allergic to it. Maybe chives?

The basil, parsley, and dill are doing good. I have to watch the little dog around the parsley, she keeps wanting to nibble on it. I put up the fence but today that rascal figured out how to wriggle behind the fence. Then she is taller then the fence and can lean over to nibble.  She is a rascal.

I then made a great dinner.  I grilled a portobello mushroom cap and some zucchini planks.  I made a great mayo/Dijon mustard spread to put on the portobello mushroom sandwich. Then I made a cilantro, green olive, tomato mix that went on the grilled zucchini planks. Delicious! Brenda made some home fries to round out the meal.

I love grilling in the summer!

Until tomorrow...

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