Monday, July 29, 2013


Today I went to see my RA doc.  She didn't do many of the usual things like take my blood pressure or test my hands.  Instead she just wanted to hear about the cruise.  She was upset to hear it didn't go well.  Shocked, really, that I couldn't find food for the first few days.  Then I told her about the fall.

She looked at my knee and read the emergency room papers.  She said, "they must have been frightened with this amount of antibiotics they gave you."  I guess they must have given me a mega dose of the IV antibiotics at the hospital. 

Then she looked at my knee and said it looked like I should get an MRI.  She is also concerned about the indentation in my lower leg.  She said all sorts of medical terms but I couldn't keep track. 

Only four more days until I see the doc.

Until tomorrow...

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