Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I went to physical therapy today and the PT looked at my knee.  She felt my knee and said I should definitely see a knee specialist.  It is possible that I injured my tibial tubercle.  The technical term for the bone below the knee cap.  That is where I landed when I fell and it feels different on the knee where I fell.

Last night I sent the letter to Celebrity Cruise letting them know officially that I was injured on the cruise.  I know you are thinking what took so long?  The first week, I was without the internet so I could not send it.  The second week I was just getting my life back on track and I had the doctor's appointment and the breast cancer biopsy.  I really could not think of anything else.  Last week I wrote the letter and this week I sent it with all the forms from the hospital emergency visits.

Tonight I decided to grill some stuff on the grill.  I grilled some corn, grape tomatoes on a stick, a yam cut into slices and some apricots.  The apricots didn't come out so good.  They stuck to the grill even though I put oil on the apricots and the grill.  I think peaches are better grilled.  I just love to grill.  I really need to read the vegan grilling book.

I have been thinking of riding a bike.  Knowing my history, how much trouble can I get into riding a bike?  I don't want a fancy bike.  Just a bike I can ride.  I am thinking of asking my friend and neighbor to help me get a bike and go riding with me.  She rides everywhere.  In fact she is going to be in a long ride  in the fall.  You know one of those rides from Seattle to San Francisco or New York to Boston.  I just want to ride down the street!  And back.

Until tomorrow...


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