Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This week my partner, Brenda, and I got into a heated debate about electricity.  Brenda is concerned about electricity leaking appliances.  That means appliances that are plugged in and turned off but are still running in the background.  Appliances like computers, coffeemakers and microwaves.  Even if they are off, they are still running because they have a clock or some sort of thing running in the background.  Here is a List of 30 Electricity Leaking Standby Appliances

I tried to tell her that not all appliances leak electricity.  Lamps, lights, old fashioned coffee makers, blenders, etc do not leak electricity.  They have an off switch.  The off switch is the same as unplugging the appliance. 

The professionals say we should use a power strip but I don't want to plug my TV or DVD player into a power strip and then turn the power strip off all the time.  I would have to reprogram the TV and DVD player over and over again.  I think that is silly.  I know it sucks power but who wants to reprogram their Wii all the time?  Who has that much time? 

Anyway, I guess until I can convince Brenda that lights don't leak electricity, we will continue this debate!

Until tomorrow...

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