Saturday, July 13, 2013


Since last Saturday Happi has been scratching. It has been relentless. All day all night. Chewing, itching, scratching. Drives me crazy. I spoke to the doc earlier this week and we put her on Benedryl. Made it a little bit better. Today a different doc saw Happi and she thinks Happi is allergic to flea bites. She found an infected one on her back.  She put her on antibiotics.  Then she also put Happi on these oral flea meds. We are testing them to see if they works.  Maybe I will sleep tonight.

Just saw the Trayvon Martin decision. When will we get it right?

Until tomorrow.


  1. I'm sorry Happi is feeling so miserable! I hope the treatments relieve the itching.

    I was almost speechless last night when I heard about the acquittal. Justice was not served. I do hope the family will pursue it through the civil courts.

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts about Happi. Let's hope this solves her problem. Three vet visits in three weeks is stretching my patience and my wallet!


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