Sunday, July 28, 2013


Yesterday we went to the park to see our neighbor "flag" that is where you take, usually, tie-dyed fabric and wave it around while you dance. It is fun to watch.  It was fun to spend some time in the park. 

Then it was movie night and we watched "Salmon Fishing ion the Yemen", which was good.  We were laughing. It was different than I thought it would be. 

Today I went to a sort of street fair. I got some free treats for the dogs, bought my book club book and spoke to a guy in a bike store.  It was nice to get out and be outside.

Then I went food shopping.  I was tired then so I relaxed by watching more of The Game Of Thrones Season Two. I am catching up. Before I took a long hot bath. 

I think I over did it. My knees and hips are killing me.  I had the chance to borrow a bike at the street fair but I turned it down, I didn't think my first time riding a bike in 20 years should be at a street fair with little kids all over the place on scooters and dogs everywhere. Also, I was by myself and that didn't seem safe. I did feel like I was chickening out but with my record of getting hurt, it is probably better if I played it safe. 

Tonight I will just relax and go to bed.

Until tomorrow...

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