Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Today was my breast biopsy. I was dressed and had my tiara on at 11am. I got to my appointment at the time my voicemail said to be there: 11:30 am. They said you are one hour early. The man left the wrong time on my voicemail. The appointment was 12:30. It was not worth going home so I sat in the hospital lobby and read the news and emails on my smart phone.  At 12:30 I went back for my appointment.

I was given a lovely set of hospital pants and gown to put on while they put in an IV. Then after signing consent forms, I was taken into the room. I had to take off my gown, climb up on the MRI table and lay down on the contraption. All without putting pressure on my knee. This MRI is done with you laying on our stomach. In and out I go in the MRI machine. Then the doctor comes and shoots me with lidocaine. The first set of shots didn't hurt at all. Then came the second set... Okay that made the pain in my knee go away!  Then back in the MRI machine I go.

Just when I think it may be over, the real work begins.  The doc sits down and says now I am going to do the biopsy. Oh! Last time I had a breast biopsy it was an ultrasound guided biopsy. I liked that better because I could watch it on the monitor. I am such a medical geek. With this biopsy your face is in a  thing like when you have a massage. This was not like a massage!

So the biopsy begins. Get ready for pressure.  There was pressure and then the sharp pain. There was pain over and over. It was unexpected. I don't remember that from last time. She must have pushed in five times. After she did that I began getting hot just like when I was on the airplane. I needed fresh air and some water. But I was not allowed to move. They put me back in he MRI machine for one minute. Then we were done. They got me water and fresh air. I felt better immediately.  They wrapped me up and sent me home.


Now hours later, it is painful.  I am sure tomorrow it will feel better.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. OUCH! I would write more, but I'm still stuck on the single word, "OUCH!" that at shout level in my head. OUCHIE!


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