Friday, March 29, 2013


In Real Simple magazine March 2013 edition, there is an article about forgiveness. That made me think of some examples of when I have forgiven someone or something.

When I was first diagnosed I was angry for a short time. I was angry that my life was going to change. Angry that I would not be able to do things. Angry that my plans for my life were being changed and it was out of my control. Then I realized that was not going to get me anywhere. All that anger wasn't healthy. I needed to forgive my body, my immune system and move on. Move to a better place. I started eating healthier, eventually left my toxic job, started my own business, started cooking my own food, and basically taking care of me. Now I am no longer mad at my body and my immune system. I know they are just out of whack but basically doing their job. They are just over-achievers!

A long time a go I had a friend from college. We were real close. She was in my wedding (story for another time) and we were real close. I moved out west and she moved to Ohio. She had some personal issues and I tried to be a good friend. We would talk on the phone. She came to visit. Then one day out of the blue, she didn't pick up the phone. I never heard from her again. I called and left messages to apologize for whatever I did because I didn't know what I did! I sent notes and cards and got nothing in return. Finally I had to stop. It was tearing me up. I finally forgave her for just ending our friendship like that without telling me why. It was horribly unfair. If I saw her today I would be happy to see her. It doesn't mean I wouldn't want to know what happened. I am just not mad anymore.

Have you had a reason to forgive someone or something?

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