Thursday, March 28, 2013


Isn't it interesting which holidays are important holidays and which aren't? Over the years some holidays change in their importance. Different areas of the country have different holidays of importance.

When I lived back East, holidays like Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Lent and Good Friday were a big deal. Everyone would have ash on their forehead on Ash Wednesday and all businesses were closed on Good Friday. Easter was a huge holiday. I understand these are religious holidays and maybe folks are just outwardly more involved in organized religion on the East Coast. On the West Coast I don't see hoards of people with ash on their forehead or folks talking about giving up things for lent.

Now I live out West where there are holidays like Cesar Chavez Day, International Women's Day, Indigenous People's Day and Halloween. When I tell folks on the East Coast that we have Cesar Chavez day off, they go "what?" Many of them don't even know who Cesar Chavez is or that there was a grape picker's strike. Halloween is a big holiday around the country but no where as big as the West Coast. And not just for kids! It is a huge adult holiday too. I think it has to do with the weather! Back East you wouldn't be caught in a costume like you would on the West Coast. People out here plan all year to make the most outrageous and innovative costumes.

It is interesting to me that different holidays are bigger and more important in different locations around the country. With that I will wish you a Good Friday on Maundy Thursday.

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