Tuesday, March 26, 2013


My root canal went well. We had a long talk (as long as you can have with various instruments in my mouth) about my teeth grinding. I know I have talked about my teeth grinding before but I don't think I have explained it.

For as far back as I can remember I have ground my teeth. Even as a small child my mother used to wake me up because of my teeth grinding. When I got older I got the first of many night guards. Not soon enough to stop my teeth from being cracked.

Over the years I have woken people up with my teeth grinding, woken myself up, and woken up with a sore jaw. Once years ago, I woke up with almost lock jaw. I rushed to the dentist when I could not open my mouth. He gave me some muscle relaxers and a few hours later I was good as new. But that was scary!

People always say I am too stressed but I don't think my teeth grinding has anything to do with stress most of the time. I have ground my teeth for so long I think it is habit.

So, today I had the root canal prep for my gold cap. No porcelain for me. Teeth grinders can crack porcelain. A mouth full of gold caps. For now I have a temporary for two weeks.

Until tomorrow...

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