Sunday, March 17, 2013


Today I was just going to relax but that didn't happen. First I went out and tried to put a band around the opening around the bottom of the hot tub. There is a little opening around the bottom of the hot tub and that is where rodents can get in. The guy at the hot tub place told me to put a band around the whole hot tub to keep them out or at least slow them down. Months ago I bought edging for a garden and tried to attach it. It wouldn't work. It was too thick and made with fiberglass. I went to the store and found some folks who helped me problem-solve another solution. I bought another plastic edging and Brenda and installed it. While I was at the store I also bought a pump so we can remove the water ourselves. We are anxious to clean the hot tub ourselves to save money. I bought some cleaner from the pool store and we will give it a try. I refuse to pay to get it cleaned monthly this time around. These companies put you on a cleaning plan and they come whether you use the tub or not. I think this is the last step in the hot tub renovation. Whew.

So my relaxing day didn't happen. Tomorrow I go to my RA doc. We will see what happens at that appointment!

Until tomorrow...

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