Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I went to my first recertification course tonight. I thought it was going to be two-hours long but it was three-hours long. We learned about what to do if there is a disaster. Next week we get to put all the training into action and put out a fire. Yippee!

Spoke to Happi's vet and he said to keep her on the meds for another week with limited activity. Hopefully this will prove to be the cure.

I ate a big piece of chocolate cake. Yum!

Until tomorrow...


  1. I think it's wonderful that you have before and are now training to help others in case of a disaster, natural or otherwise, Adrienne. Most people don't think of preparing for such things--they always happen to "someone else," you know? Anyway, you're a fine person for doing this.

    Glad to hear that little Happi is still feeling good. It's so hard when our little buddy-beasties are sick or in pain.

    1. Thanks Wren. I am just happy being prepared and helping my neighbors. I am really looking forward to doing the animal rescue training. I will keep you posted.


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