Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today I got the vacuum back from the repair shop. It had a broken belt. As soon as I got it home I went out back and vacuumed the rat remnants out of the insulation of the hot tub. The rats had torn up the insulation and made a home out of it. They also made tunnels. Since we decided this vacuum would be our "outside" vacuum I vacuumed all the rat stuffing out of the hot tub. Don't worry, I wore a mask, gloves and took a shower immediately after I was done.

Now that the hot tub is cleared out, I can have the company come and put new insulation in and glue the slats back on. Then we can hot tub, just in time for summer!!


Tonight we went to a vegan restaurant for dinner. We had gone to this restaurants before and enjoyed it. This time not so much. It has a revolving menu depending on the season and the vegetables available. My starter was gnocchi and it was good. I had not thought to pan fry them. Brenda had fingerling potatoes and they were good. My main dish was okay. It was a red lentil curry dish with veggies and a rice cake. The lentil/curry sauce was good; not too curry-y. Brenda's was not too good. Well I am sure lots of folks thought it was good but we are not huge curry fans and it was a CURRY dish. She tried it but it wasn't her cup of tea. The server asked how the meal was and I told him I liked mine but Brenda's was not to her liking. They offered to make her another but we were almost done. Then he came back and told us we would get two free desserts. That was sweet! I had a pot du chocolate with mint chip "ice cream" and Brenda had three scoops of "ice cream" lavender, cardamon, and maple pecan. The cardamon was weird tasting. I added some of my chocolate and it tasted better.

It was a wonderful dinner but very rich. My Crohns is acting up now a few hours later. Glad we came right home to watch Alex Cross. Okay I dozed off during the movie but I tried to stay awake!

Until tomorrow…

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