Monday, March 4, 2013


Today I called ad made the hot tub appointment. Friday is the day! I may have a hot tub this weekend. Yay!

Happi shook for a few moments today and that got us concerned. We had her lie down for a bit and then she seemed better. I speak to he vet tomorrow.

I made some food tonight and it took FOREVER. I made Farro and kale salad with white beans and sun-dried tomatoes and Butternut Squash Risotto with Pine nuts, Basalmic Drizzle and fried sage. Both dishes were so great. The risotto would have been thrown in the trash by Chef Ramsay! It was a little too liquidy but it tasted very good. The farro salad was delicious. I bet it would also taste good with wheat berries.

Tomorrow is my neighborhood emergency response course. I spent the evening studying. I don't want to look like an dunce.

Have you noticed that the kid in the Verizon commercial in the woods is the same kid from Moonrise Kingdom? Funny.

Until tomorrow...

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