Sunday, March 3, 2013


Okay two weird things to write about but today was a weird day. I got up and went shopping to get ingredients to make some food today. When I got home I let the dogs out back. Happi ran down (yes, she is feeling much better) and ran up to something. I screamed for her to leave it. She walked away reluctantly. I ran down and it was a small rat. Not small like a baby small but smaller than the one I found dead. It seemed hurt or sick. I was able to walk within a few feet of it. I ran inside and got gloves, peanut butter and a rat trap and quickly set a trap. I was able to put it within a few inches of the creature with the help of a stick. I noticed it was bleeding. It rolled over on its side and looked like it was quite ill. I watched it for a while but it got tedious. I didn't want to see it die. Brenda wanted me to put a bucket over it but I couldn't. It was so sick I didn't want to frighten it or make it suffer anymore than necessary. It looked so vulnerable.

I went to walk the dogs and while I was gone it tried to get to some water and it fell in the pond and drowned. By the time I got back with the dogs, it was dead. I think it got into my neighbors rat bait. The poison killed it. I fished it out of the pond and put it in a plastic bag and ditched it in a vacant house's garbage can. Garbage pick up is tomorrow morning. Farewell Rat. Another one gone. I don't think I am getting rid of them fast enough!

I am having a hard time staying awake. I am SO tired! I hope this isn't a flare. I am really stressed with all the things going on but I am not usually this tired. Plus I keep getting migraines for me a side effect of being really tired and not going to sleep. Last night I fell asleep three times while watching Alex Cross. I will take it easy this week.

Until tomorrow...

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