Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today the plan was to work on my taxes and take my first soak in the hot tub. I know I have been going on and on about the hot tub and you all are probably sick of hearing about it. If I didn't have this horrible kink in my neck and terribly swollen joints I probably would keep my mouth shut about it.

I started the day with taking Little Lucky for a walk to run errands. It was a nice day so we walked a couple of miles. She is a great walker plus she is so small I can carry her into places dogs are allowed. She is really good when I am in the bank or the post office. Happi always wants to sniff everywhere. Lucky is too afraid to leave my side. Then I worked on my tax prep. I have my tax appointment on Friday so times a tickin'. To celebrate my birthday again, we went out to dinner. This time to PF Changs. I had a hankering for Chinese food. I was so hungry!

Then I came home and went in the ht tub! It was great. So relaxing and, uh, hot. The jets work better than I remember. My neck feels a little bit better. We realized that we no longer have a place to hang the towels since our reconstruction. So we need to find a place to hang wet bath suits (yes, we use bathing suits) and towels. I also boughs a few hooks to hang towels outside while bathing. Anyway, I had fun and am very happy. More tax prep tomorrow!

Until tomorrow...

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