Monday, March 18, 2013


Years ago when I was on holiday in Florida, I brought along Enbrel. I gave myself my shot and then realized that I didn't have a Sharps container to dispose of my needles. I had my dad drive my to the
local chain store pharmacy. I asked the pharmacy employee for a Sharps container. I was met with a big NO. Turns out that in Florida one can not get a Sharps container from the pharmacy just by walking in. Yes, once again I was looked at like I was a junkie; a heroin addict. If I got a dollar for every time I have been accused, looked at or questioned as if I am a heroin addict, I would have more than 10 dollars!

After a bit of haggling and explaining the pharmacist came over and looked at my needles and saw the Enbrel logo. She gave me a lecture about traveling with a Sharps container and then let me put the needles in a container. What a difference from the West Coast. With needle exchange programs, big cities are happy to get the needles off the street. Sharps containers are free to anyone who asks.

So different from my trip to Hawaii. While in Hawaii, once again I forgot a Sharps container. The pharmacy in Hawaii was so much nicer. As long as I forked over a few dollars, I got a Sharps container. Amazing!

I went to see the RA Doc. No creatine retesting, no Plaquinel yet, and continue decreasing the prednisone. Sounds like a plan.

Until tomorrow...

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