Friday, March 8, 2013


Well, the hot tub guy came today and fixed the last thing. Tomorrow we can use the hot tub. We could use it today but the water is too cold. I cranked the heater and it should be nice and hot tomorrow night.

The guy had to put more foam insulation in the spots chewed up by the vermin. Earlier this week I vacuumed out the chewed up insulation from the motor of the hot tub so it was all cleared out and ready for the new foam. Then the man sawed the foam insulation in order to fit the hot tub. Then he put the wood slates back on the hot tub. All fixed! See the photos below.

Today we had a browning banana and I thought Banana Cream Popsicle! I took the banana, soy vanilla yogurt and soy milk and put it in the blender. Mixed it all up and popped it in the Zoku. I am about to eat one and they smell terrific. Oh, I used my extra Popsicle sticks AND my new Zoku container that I got for my birthday! I also got the Zoku cookbook. Many different recipes of pops to make. Could keep me busy for months.

I am waiting for the Zoku tool kit to come in the mail so I can make fancy pops. I also bought a tofu press finally. I can't wait to make tofu.

Until tomorrow...


  1. So glad that your long struggle over fixing the hot tub is finally at an end--and that you can now enjoy a nice, warm, bubby soak. Wow, that does sound good. My mom has a hot tub--when they bought the condo, the tub came with it, but she and my late dad had no use for it. They drained it and there it sits, dry and unused. Mom has offered to have it serviced and fill it again, but her electricity bill is already very high, and I don't want to be the reason it goes even higher.

    So I guess all that rambling is to ask: Does keeping your hot tub heated cost much in terms of electricity? Mom's tub is the same size and basic design as yours...

    Have a terrific weekend, Adrienne! Enjoy!

    1. Wren, I am glad this saga is over too! Tonight is the night. About the cost, since we haven't run it in over five years, I will have to see how much it increases my bill. I don't remember much of a difference when we used it and when we didn't BUT we moved in and used it right away, then had major construction and had it turned off. Then it was basically a new house so I can't compare the electricity bills. Also the economy has changed drastically in five years. The cost of electricity has increased. This a long way of saying, I will have to get back to you once I turn the heater up and run it for a whole month. We have had the heater on but at a cool temp while we have not been using it. The company brochure claims the hot tubs don't increase your electic bills significantly. We will see.

      You have a great weekend. I will be doing tax prep. Ugh...

  2. Hooray for this news, Adrienne! Do you dive in the hot tub before going to sleep as well? :) I think it is one of the most effective ways to calm the nerves, ergo, helping you doze off easily. Works better than a glass of hot milk for me. :D

    1. Thanks cathy. I love to have a hot tub especially when it is cold and rainy. something we have had little of lately here on the West Coast. I have to take a large bottle of cold water because I tend to get hot, too hot in the water. But I love it. I have to figure out a way to bring music with me. My tub is too old and doesn't have the new fancy feature of music IN the hot tub. I have to jerry rig some thing to get music that wont wake up the whole neighborhood!


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