Tuesday, March 19, 2013


First, happy birthday Dad!

Yesterday morning I downloaded an update to the Walgreens app on my smartphone. If you have a smartphone you know this is something you do almost everyday. Some days I download a bunch of updates. The Walgreens app kept trying to download all day. I have my phone set to only download when the wifi is turned on. I finally set the phone to airport so it would stop downloading. This morning the phone began turning on and off by it self. I was convinced it was possessed. I went to my dental appointment (only to hear that my teeth grinding is going to cost me another $1,300 in root canals and cracked teeth. Yippee!) and tried again to make the constant downloading of the Walgreens update stop. No luck. Even with no wifi the app keeps looking for a wifi to download it and when it can't find one, it turns off the phone.

When I came home from the dentist, I called tech support and we spent 2.5 hours over the phone trying to fix it, backing everything up and then trying to reset it back to the factory default. It was supposed to take 5-15 minutes to reset to factory defaults. 3 hours later, the little Android guy was still on the screen. It was now 4 pm and I was getting desperate. No phone, no contacts. Yikes!

I drove to the phone store and bought a new phone. The salesperson was very nice, a relief after my last experience. I was in and out in just about an hour. I have a very nice Droid Razor. I will miss my Droid 2. Although the reset to factory default failed and despite being turned off the phone is still looking to download the Walgreens app!

In case you are wondering, no I have not put the Walgreens app on the new phone!! Steering clear of Walgreens apps for the time being.

Until tomorrow...

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