Friday, May 5, 2017


The gardener came again today.  My garden would never look this good without her.  She took down three sides of my backyard that have vines on them in two hours.  She is a powerhouse.  In two hours I barely get through one side and then I have to sit in a bath for two days.  She says she rock climbs on her off hours.  She must have arms of steel.  I do not.

She bought plants that are drought tolerant and look nice.  She also bought some herbs and we made an herb garden.  My backyard is really looking good.  A place I want to spend time and have people over to hang out.  The dogs like being in the backyard.  I am thinking of making the sand (previous pond) pit a Zen garden with a rake and all.

Herb Garden

Update on the upper deck: it still smells but not as much as before.  It is fading but not as fast as I want it to.

Until tomorrow...

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