Sunday, May 21, 2017


Today was a day of rest.  It is really hot today and after moving all that sand yesterday, I needed it.  After food shopping I took my lunch and a book and went down to my beautiful backyard.  I took my two dogs and some music and relaxed.  I felt weird.  Like I should be doing something.  I have a hard time just sitting.  This is something I realized I needed to work on when I did the happiness project last year.  I don't sit still very well.  I start making lists and thinking of all sorts of thinks I could be doing.  It is a horrible habit.

I need to try to just stop and clear my mind.  First thing in the morning would be wonderful but I have a dog that wakes up and wants to eat immediately.  I have been working on stopping her from barking to get fed.  It is really hard to get her to change her bad habits.   So first thing in the morning is out.  I have to find another time to clear my mind.  I am working on it.

Until tomorrow...

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