Thursday, May 25, 2017


I returned the heart monitor today.  I was so elated to get rid of that thing.  The first week it was kind of fun to push the button.  The second week I tolerated it.  The third week it annoyed me and the last week I could not wait for it to end.

Here was the process: When something happened to your heart - a flutter, a feeling, lightheaded, whatever, I had to push a button on the side of the machine.  Now the machine was the size of the old walkman.  For any youngsters out there it is like a portable CD player that plays cassettes.  It hooks to your belt.  Like how some folks hook their cellphone.  It is the width of two cellphones.  On the side there is a button that I had to push and hold for 3 seconds.  Once I got a vibration, I had to unclip the monitor from my belt and use the arrows on the face to scroll down and answer the questions.  What did I feel?  What was I doing?  My answer most of the time was "flutter" and "sitting".  When I was sitting down I usually unclipped the monitor because it was uncomfortable to have it attached to my waist.  But then everytime I stood up I would forget it was not attached and drag it across the couch.  I also didn't attach it when I slept because it was uncomfortable, so I would drag it across the bed.

Since the monitor was attached to you by electrodes that were stuck to your chest, I knew immediately when I forgot it on the couch or bed.  Dragging that thing around was a challenge but once I sent it back, I was still looking for it for days.  Amazing how quickly a person can become accustomed to something.

Now I just wait for the results.  I guess it will take a week since it is a holiday week.

Until tomorrow...

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