Thursday, May 11, 2017


I took the dogs to the dog park again.  This time I let Happi have her freedom to walk anywhere she wanted.  She is so happy to be around the other dogs and people at the park.  We even went to the part of the park where the have these things set up where the dogs can jump over some barriers.  Happi was good at it.  I really thought the little dog would be good at it but she wasn't as focused as Happi.  Happi was so excited to jump and get a cookie.  It is funny since the little dog is a chihuahua and she jumps all the time so going over these barriers should have been easy for her.  I guess her ADD didn't help.

We walked all around the park and Happi did really well. There is a part where the dogs can go up a hill and walk in the trees.  I am trying to get Happi to work up to going up the hill.  I think she would like walking in the "forest".

When we got home they were konked out for hours.

Until tomorrow...

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