Sunday, May 14, 2017


Have you ever run into someone you think you recognize but you are not sure it is someone you know?  You are on line in the supermarket or walking down the street and you see someone and they look familiar but you can't quite place where you know them from or what their name is but you know you have met them somewhere?

Well, that happened to me today.  I saw someone that I knew I had met before but I could not place the person.  Was it an old intern?  An employee at a client's office?  A friend of a friend?  I could not remember where I met them or what their name was. Until they had walked away and I was half way to my car.  Then it came to me.  Too late.  It was a friend of a friend. 

I don't think they recognized me because they didn't say anything to me and didn't even acknowledge I was there.  So I didn't insult them.

I got dirt to plant my tomato plant but got home too late to plant it.

I also got my 15th signature on the speed hump petition so I can submit it.  Yay!!

Until tomorrow...

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