Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Oh, this morning was a mess.  I was hurrying to change the code to the keyless entry to the house and Lucky barked very loud and I dropped the phone that I was precariously holding.  Unfortunately I dropped on a concrete sidewalk and it landed right on the spot that cracked the screen.  It was not bad at first but by the afternoon the purple stuff inside was leaking down.  I could not see the whole top of the screen.

At first I called the cellphone insurance I pay for but it would cost $150 to get a new phone or I could possibly get the screen fixed for $80.  I thought about it but thought I should call Verizon first.

I called Verizon and asked how much a cellphone would cost.  The sales guy showed me a phone with more memory.  This has been a problem for me lately.  I keep having to delete things because I am running out of space.  Then he told me I have a really old plan that costs more than the current plans.  I can get a better plan now (since all the wireless companies are in competition) for less money.  The savings will almost pay for the new cellphone in a year.   Plus I am moving from 3 gigs to 5 gigs.

The guy "felt so bad for me" that he gave me a bunch of stuff for free.  Free overnight shipping, free accessories, and discounted something else.  I know they probably do it for everyone but when you spend an hour on the phone, it makes you feel better when they start throwing free things at you.  The phone may show up tomorrow (I ordered it late in the day and may have missed the fed ex deadline).

For those of you who read this blog every day and have read it for years, you may remember the last time I ordered my phone from Verizon over the phone, the phone didn't arrive.  There was a screw up with the delivery and Verizon applied for a refund with Fed Ex but then the package was found. I ended up not having to pay for the phone.

My current phone will be two years old in August so it almost made the two year mark.  It would have made it had I not dropped it.

I now have to get the phone and head down to Verizon to get the screen saver put on and the phone set up.  The only sad part about this phone is that it does not charge wirelessly.  I have to go back to using wires again.

Until tomorrow...

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