Friday, April 28, 2017


I bought a deck cleaner to clean the deck off my kitchen.  I wanted it to look as nice as the one the gardener cleaned last week.  I sprayed the horrible stuff and scrubbed the deck with a brush.  I rinsed it off with tons of water.  It still smelled. I figured it needed time to air out.  The deck looked pretty good.  It probably needs about three more cleanings to look really good but it no longer has mold and mildew and weird things growing on it anymore.  I also think I killed the ants!  Bonus.

Oh, my nephew texted me that he loved the brownies that I sent him.

I took the dogs to the park today.  This is the first time Happi has been to a park in years.  She had a good time.  She wanted to run around but was a good girl when I told her she could not. We will see how she does tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

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