Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I have been reading a new book Work Simply by Carson Tate.  It is a book that tries to show you your type of productivity style and how you can work more efficiently.  I thought I would try some of the suggestions.  I am constantly inundated with emails, paperwork, and tasks that never seem to get completed. 

One of the suggestions is to have a 15 minute list.  Things you can do in 15 minutes.  When you are waiting for your friend to arrive or when you are on hold with your insurance company.  There is a list waiting that has things for you to do instead of websurfing or looking at facebook. 

One premise of the book is that we all have a running list of things we need to do that we keep in our head.  Sometimes we put some of it down on a piece of paper or into our phone.   One of the first thing you do is a brain dump.  You think of all the items you need to do. All those to dos that you have in your head: change the light bulb in the garage, call and make an appointment and finish the project for the client.  Clear your head and then you make a Master Task List.  I made my list today and my head feels empty!  There is more to it than that and I will let you know if it ends up being useful.

I have not figured out what type of productivity style I have yet.  I am not good at assessing myself.

Until tomorrow...

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