Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I had my first heart episode and it took my so off guard that I forgot to push the button.  It is hard to remember to push a button and where is the button and how long do you push it when it happens.  I have been practicing without actually pushing it so I am prepared.  The episodes happen quickly and only go for a few seconds.  I have to move fast.

To make myself feel better last night I baked my nephew some vegan brownies and mailed them to him this morning.  He will get them tomorrow just in time for his first final at college.  I figure some good homemade brain food will be good for him and his friends.  He loved these brownies when I made them for him last time.  Hopefully they make it there okay.  I wrapped them a couple of times. 

The lady at the post office said it was super that I was sending my nephew brownies for finals.  She said I was a good aunt.  I don't know. I would have been a good aunt if I had done it during the school year more often.

Until tomorrow...

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