Wednesday, April 12, 2017


My handyman came again today. He worked on shelves and removed an eyesore in my garage.  It was supposed to be a shelf and pole to hang clothes to dry.  It was instead a large monstrosity that was not a shelf at all.  It had a thin piece of wood that I could precariously hang clothes.  And it was painted mint green.  Like hospital mint green.  Ugly!  I hated it the minute they made it and have wanted it ripped down for 7 years. 

I got my wish today.  That hunk of wood is gone and now I just have a thin pole hanging from the ceiling.  I can hang my clothes to dry now.  That area of the garage is so open and bright now.  I can actually see things in that area now.  It is amazing how that green thing was blocking the light.

He also put in a shelf in my closet.  Now the closet is so organized.

The closet didn't look like this a few hours ago.  Candles were falling all over the place.  Now it looks awesome.

I am so glad that I just took the dogs out. It just started down pouring. My dogs just hate the rain.  Today it was raining and Lucky didn't want to poop in the rain so she came in the garage where the handyman was working and squatted down and pooped.  She just hates to poop in the rain.  She is a little bad.

Until tomorrow...

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