Sunday, June 5, 2016


Day 279.  Today I had to take Sunny the bird to get his wings clipped and his beak and nails trimmed.  He is not happy after this occurs.  Poor thing.  He is happy afterward but at the time, he is miserable.

Then I decided to use my new product Goo Gone for Patio Furniture.  What a great product!  My chairs and table look like new.  After two years of a drought and not being able to clean them off and no rain, they looked horrible.  I wish I had taken a before and after photo!

Then while I was on a roll I cleaned the table and chairs that are on my lower deck.  They have not been cleaned properly in years!  I tried to clean the table a few years ago and could never get it clean.  Well, Goo Gone is the product!  It looks like new.  The top of the table was literally black with dirt, mildew and the junk that comes from trees.  Now look at it:

This picture makes it look a bit black but I think that is a reflection of the water on the top because the top looks white now.  The chairs are so clean too.  I am so happy!

Until tomorrow...

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