Thursday, June 30, 2016


Day 304. Today is the final day of June, the month of Calm.  Here is the recap..
June's Resolution: It's The Simple Life For Me

"If you can learn from the worst times of your life, you'll be ready to go into the best times of your life."

  • Sit in the Backyard and Listen - I did this a few times this month.  I took my book or lunch out back.  I even had a friend come over and we sat out back.
  • Walk the Dogs and Be Present - I try to walk the dogs and stay present.  I talk to them when I walk them.  I also have to stop pressuring Happi to walk faster.  I tell people Happi doesn't like to go for a walk, she likes to go for a sniff. 
  • Take a Bath Without TV - I have taken a bath with my book.  Not recently but I need to get back to that.
  • Get Enough Sleep - I failed this horribly.  I am SO tired...
  • Practice Meditating - I failed this goal. 
  • Act the Way I Want To Feel - I am trying to act more positive.  I want to be a more positive person.
  • Have a Cup of Tea and Read a Book - I have been trying to do this.
  • Take Time for the Simple Things - I have been taking time to do the simple thing. Like cuddling with Happi, playing with Lucky and playing with Sunny.

I wished I had more time to work on my calm.  I have been working extra hard and this makes the simple things harder to accomplish.  I think I could really gain something from performing meditation.

Until tomorrow...

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