Thursday, June 9, 2016


Day 283.  I think it is an epidemic.  Today I fell while walking.  A week ago my brother-in-law fell while he was walking.  A month ago a clients employee fell while walking.  The funny thing is none of us were talking on the phone or texting. 

Here's what happened: I was crossing the street on the way to the bus when someone brushed past me.  I reached down for my bag and found it unzipped.  I sort of panicked that I had been pick-pocketed.  I was trying to zipper my bag shut while checking to make sure my wallet was inside. At the same time I was stepping up the curb and I didn't step up far enough.  Wham!  I splayed out on the curb.  It was ugly looking.  Two tourists came over to see if I was okay and the bus driver was quite animated from inside the bus asking if I was okay. 

I jumped up and said I was okay.  My knee hurt but my jeans were not torn so I was very happy.  I got on the bus.  All of a sudden I saw blood on my hand.  My finger was bleeding and I had a gash on my hand.  I guess I hurt myself more than I thought.  I was hoping I was not bleeding from my knee.  I used some tissues to stop the bleeding.

I stopped at Walgreen's and bought some band-aids.  I checked my knee and it was not bleeding.  When I got to my final destination, I was able to wash the injuries and apply fresh bandages. 

My knee is quite swollen and black and blue but nothing is broken.  I may have popped my finger out of the socket but it will heal.  I was lucky that I didn't get badly injured. 

Until tomorrow...

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