Sunday, June 12, 2016


Day 286.  Today is a sad day.  I woke up to about 15 alerts telling me that 50 people in a gay bar were killed by a man in Orlando.  What?  Why?  I watched  CNN for a while to figure it all out.  What I saw made me so sad.  I was so hurt.  I felt violated.

A club is a safe haven for a gay person.  That is a place where a gay person can be who they are without ridicule or judgement.  In Orlando that sacred place was violated.  That safe place was no longer safe.

Tonight there was a vigil.  I brought flowers to put on the memorial for the victims.  I brought candles for my friends and I to carry.  We went to the meeting place and there were thousands of people.  It was empowering.  Then we marched.  People were honking their horns and giving us peace signs.

It was a moving night. One I wish we didn't have to experience.

Until tomorrow...

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