Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Day 282.  Today I wish I had taken a photo of Lucky playing fetch.  I took two tennis balls out in the backyard and had both dogs come outside.  This is the first time I brought out dog toys with both dogs in years.  Last time it was ugly.  The dogs got in a fight when they both decided to covet the same toy.  Then the toys went bye-bye into a box.

Today I felt both Lucky and Happi have been getting along very well for a long time and it was time to give them another try.  We went downstairs and I threw a ball.  Lucky went running with her tail wagging.  She was in seventh heaven.  I think she even had a big smile on her face but she was running away so I really could not be sure. 

Then I threw the other ball and Happi half-heartedly ran in the direction of the ball.  It went under some trees, she stood by the trees and looked at me.  She just stood there.  Then she wandered back to where I was standing.  She stood there for a while then she went inside.  She was done.  Happi was never one to mindlessly run after a ball.  She always thought I should run after the ball.

Luckily Lucky went and sniffed out Happi's ball and brought it back to me.  Lucky can play fetch for hours.  Today I found out one thing Lucky doesn't like: when the ball gets dirty.  She is such a diva.  Once the ball gets dirty, she doesn't want to put it in her mouth anymore.  I guess I can't blame her.

I found that playing fetch is a bit zen.  The whole process.  Throw it, find it, drop it, pick it up, throw it again.  I have a small backyard to Lucky can't go very far but to her it is loads of fun.  Way more fun than running after the ball inside.

Her smile is worth it.

Until tomorrow...

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