Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Day 302.  Weird thing that I was thinking about today.  When I was in high school I had to dissect a frog in biology class.  Maybe some of you had to do the same thing.  Or you had to dissect some other animal.

Let me tell you I have always been an animal, plant, underdog lover.  I remember we walked in and there were these frogs, I think they were dead on all the desks and we were supposed to cut them open.  I refused.  I told the teacher I would not cut an animal open.  This should have been a sign to my parents something was coming.  The teacher tried to talk me into it but I was not budging.  I would not do it.

Finally the teacher decided to use my frog as the example for the class that way I would not have to touch the frog.  Let me clear one thing up.  I was fascinated by the insides of the frog, that part didn't gross me out or anything.  It was that they killed all these frogs and now we were going to cut them up.  I didn't want to touch it or be the one cutting it up.

Once the teacher got it down to nothing but bones, I was then in charge of doing the procedure of cleaning off the bones (I vaguely remember putting it in the drier??)  and then gluing the bones to a piece of cardboard.  I got an A in the class and never had to touch a frog.  Okay, only the dried bones.

That is my dissecting frog story.  Luckily in college I didn't have to cut anything apart.  I have lived my whole life without cutting an animal apart!  Not even a lobster.

Until tomorrow...

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