Monday, March 31, 2014


Today Brenda and I went for massages.  Brenda had a mint therapy massage and I had a hot stone massage.  That is my favorite type of massage.  Those lovely hot rocks heating up my body.

Well, today was a different story.  I booked my massage the way I always do.  I tell them I have RA and ask if they have anyone who has experience with RA.  Then when I get to the appointment I make sure I say it again.  Then when the masseuse takes me in the room, I ask them if they have any questions and tell them where it hurts.  Today I did my usual routine.  The masseuse seemed disinterested.  This should have been a sign.  He asked me if I have ever had a hot stone and I said yes.  He said his was different.  That should have been a sign. 

Then the massage began.  The face massage was fine.  Then he began getting rougher.  The massage part wasn't necessarily rough, a little hard maybe.  What was rough was when he moved or adjusted my parts.  So when he wanted my foot to move from one angle to another, he didn't softly move it.  He grabbed it and harshly moved it to where he wanted it.  But remember, I am on a massage bed with my eyes closed and don't know what he is going to do.  So suddenly he touches my foot and moves it.  It is so unexpected that it is a shock.  Then he is giving me a hand massage and he is really pushing on my hands and joints.  I told him "soft".  He said "what".  I said "softly".  He stopped touching my hand.  The same thing happened on my feet and arms.  He had to keep telling me to relax.  I wonder why.

I wanted to get up but I had 5 pounds of rocks on me and I was naked.  I waited it out and all of a sudden he patted me on the back and said all done. 

I went to the dressing room, showered and got dressed.  On my way out they asked me how it went.  I told them.  They brought the manager out and I told her.  She said that guy was on the rougher side.  I never should have been given him.  The manager gave me a free massage in a few days with another masseuse.  I hope it is a better experience.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Hello there,

    I am sorry to read about this experience. As I'm training to be a Registered Massage Therapist in British Columbia, I find learning about your experience very useful and I'd like to thank you for sharing.

    Throughout our education here in BC, we are specifically trained to work with varying health conditions including RA and we are regulated by the Health Professions Act in BC. Still, it is easy to slip into 'routine' - possibly come across as disinterested, and to treat thoughtlessly, almost mechanically.

    Thank you for the reminder of an impression I don't want my patients to leave my clinic with. I hope your next massage experience goes better!

    1. Thank you for your post. My experience today was a pleasure. The therapist also explained a way I could have exited the previous session and not felt uncomfortable. I could have said could you please stop and leave the room. I would like to stop this session. This way I am not explaining anything to the therapist.


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