Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I have been sick for the last two days. Abdominal pain. Today I was not feeling much better although my fever broke.

Last night Brenda and I went back and forth about whether I should go to the emergency room. I talked her out of it (we all know my fondness for emergency rooms)  Today I had an appointment with my RA doc and I stopped by my gut doc and they both said go to the ER. So I went to the ER.

Tonight was the craziest night ever in the ER. A nurse got hit by a patient. It was SO busy. I arrived at 4:30 pm and it is 1:20 am and I am still here. They did a CT scan, ran blood, urine, stool. Did a pelvic and so far nothing conclusive. Still waiting for the C-dif test results.

I just want to go home.

Until tomorrow...

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