Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I went to my gut doctor today despite still having a fever. She figured out my problem. Suffice it to say, since being on the antibiotics things have not been comfortable "down there".  She checked it out and it turns out I have an over abundance of yeast.  Imagine that!

She gave me some yeast medicine and some cream.   I am sure I will be feel swell "down there" real soon.

I ordered myself a Kindle last week. I have been resistant for so long because I love paper books and I don't want bookstores to disappear.  But recently I have occasionally enjoyed having a book or two on my Kindle software on my phone and iPad.  When I am waiting for a doctor appointment or reading at night it is helpful to have it on my iPad. But I don't like carrying my iPad around places. It is too heavy and too expensive. If I go t the pool on vacation, I don't feel comfortable bringing my iPad because it is too expensive. But a $100 Kindle costs less than my phone or camera. It still costs money but 5 times less than my Kindle!

Anyway, I ordered the Kindle and then today a friend sent me an email telling me they were on sale today. I was able to cancel my order and order it at the sale price. I saved $25 on the whole order. What do I care if it comes on Thursday or Friday?  Now my ebooks will be on my phone, Kindle and iPad and they synchronize between all devices.

Until tomorrow...


  1. I felt the same way about ibooks, Adrienne. I held out for quite a while--and watched while the local bookstores closed up anyway. (Apparently, my businness wasn't enough to keep them up and running. Dang.) I finally got a Kindle because holding a book open hurt my sore hands so much I'd stopped reading, and I missed it. The Kindle--first just the e-reader, but later, a Kindle Fire--is probably the best gadget I've ever had, other than my laptop. I use that Kindle Fire a LOT, and I love it for doc appointments, etc. I carry it with me all the time. I read, play games (LOVE mah jhong) and can even watch a movie. They're a great investment. Enjoy!

    1. I can't wait for it to arrive. I will be happy not having to lug books on vacation. I can take one kindle. Plus it is easy to read in the sun. On the cruise I could barely see anything in the sun on my iPad. This is so exciting!


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