Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I am old school. I believe in writing paper and pen thank you notes.  Maybe it is my age.  Maybe it is how I was brought up.  I just believe that when someone gives you a present or does something for you or is nice to you, you should send them a thank you note.  Not a thank you text. Not a thank you email.  Not a thank you phone call.  You can do those things in conjunction with a note but not instead of a note.

The thank you note should state what you are thanking them you for, why you like it or why you are grateful for the person's kindness and then what about it you like or what about what they did for you was meaningful.  I always end my thank you notes with a second thank you.

Thank you notes do not need to be long.  I received a thank you note from a friend today thanking me for the wonderful party.  It was four lines.

Thank you for the lovely party.
Fine Food.
Wonderful Friends.
 Great Fun!
See how easy a thank you note can be!   I have sent my thank you notes for my party already.

Until tomorrow...

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