Tuesday, March 18, 2014


How is it that I can go in to the emergency room, have multiple tests run, have five different doctors look at those tests and get five different opinions?   How is that possible?

One doc said I had a UTI.  Another said I had a burst ovarian cyst and a UTI. Still another said no UTI and ovarian cyst. A fourth said such a small cyst it couldn't have caused this kind of pain.  A fifth said maybe no cyst and no UTI.

I have come to the conclusion they have no idea what is wrong with me.  Just wait it out and see if the pain goes away.  Well the pain has not gone away. Now it hurts on the right side.

I went to see my OB/GYN today and she was so funny. I like that in a GYN. I was instructed to remove all clothes from the waist down.  Then the doc came in and  told me she would not be doing any poking and prodding today. She said I was already in too much pain she would not add to it.  I was told to put my clothes back on and she left the room.  I told her she didn't have to leave heck, she has seen me in worse positions than with my pants off!

She wants me to get an ultrasound on Friday.  I will get the results on Monday.  Maybe a definative answer??

Until tomorrow...

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  1. I sure hope the ultrasound will give you an answer, Adrienne. I can't blame you for feeling frustrated. And the continuing pain must be driving you nuts.
    Fingers are crossed that the source of all this misery will be something easy to fix. Sending a hug your way.


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