Monday, March 3, 2014


I didn't post last night because it was my party. The party went a bit late and them I needed to clean up and by that time I was too tired to post.

The party was fun! I spent most of the day cleaning and decorating. It was exhausting. Then we had a paper plate emergency. I thought we had 50 paper plates but we only had 23. Yikes! I rushed to the store to buy more.

I was ready at 8 pm. At 8:15 they started arriving. One after another. It was so much fun. Everyone enjoyed the photo slideshow with photos of me growing up.  The music was catchy.  The food was tasty.  For food we had pork and tofu teriyaki skewers, butternut squash and goat cheese tarts, toasted bread with goat cheese and sundries tomatoes and fig and olive tapenade, veggie crudités, and cheese platter.  We had way too much food as usual. I will be eating tofu skewers for a few days.  Luckily they are delicious.

It was a fun time.

Why choose one flavor cake when you have two?!

Pet rocks

Today I slept late (after getting up early to let the dogs out) and then walked the dogs. Then took down the decorations. I watched a movie with Brenda. Then it was Oscar time. Brenda gave me a present. A  cute shirt with bicycles on it.

Gotta get some sleep now. 

Until tomorrow...

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