Saturday, February 22, 2014


I decided that for this party I would cater the food and spend more time on the rest if the party. The decorations, music, etc. Last weekend I got together 4 hours of music from the 60s and early 70s. 

Originally I was going to get movies from those years and cut clips from them and make a reel. But then I realized I would have to rent a lot of movies to make it good. I didn't have enough time.  Then I went to plan B. I went through all my old photos and scanned in a bunch. Many of our friends are new and don't know me from before. So wouldn't it be funny to put a bunch of photos from the past ___ years on a reel? So I went through almost all my albums and realized that I am in very few photos! I know I enjoy taking photos rather than being in them but it is really ridiculous how few photos I am in. One full album, not one photo. I am in two photos on a whole trip to Europe.  I also realized why it is clear my old boyfriend and I broke up (besides the obvious) the is only one photo of us together. We were together for 1.5 years. Not sure why I didn't notice that before.

I got together a bunch of photos of me as a kid. Me in high school. College. Family photos. We do these family photos every time we get together. It started as the whole family. The the first grandchild was born. Since it was a boy, the "boy photo" began. Then a girl was born. Then we started having a "girl photo". In the boy and girl photos only the appropriate gender is the appropriate photo. So all the girls do a photo and all the boys. It is cute to see the difference each photo. We have each a girl and boy frame.

It was fun looking through those albums. I had not thought of some of those people in years. Friendships that lost touch. I guess that is why Facebook was created.

My mother is sending some photos from when I was very small. Those will be fun to see.

Until tomorrow...

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