Tuesday, February 11, 2014


We got the results of Happi's test results today. She has an elevated liver count. The doctor sounded very serious so we are quite scared.  I had to go to a clients while Happi took her meds and was sleeping.  I checked in during the day and she was okay until it got a scared phone call from Brenda at 3:30 pm. Happi was having trouble walking and didn't look well. I called the vets and they said bring her over.

I rushed home and got my baby. We went over to the vets and of course she acted fine once I got her there.  The doctor checked her out and she was fine. Heart rate, blood pressure, temp, all fine. She was not dehydrated. The doc said they could keep her overnight but I said I wanted to take her home and bring her back in the morning.  She is scheduled for and ultrasound at 8 am.  We think it is her back causing her to have problems walking.  She had gone up and down the stairs and squatted about 25 times yesterday and those tasks are hard on her back. I think she wrenched her back again and that was making her stumble.  I gave her a painkiller and tucked her into bed. 

She us not going to like that she doesn't get to eat any breakfast tomorrow.  More news to come.

Until tomorrow...

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