Thursday, February 13, 2014


Good news!   Happi does not have cancer!  Seems that Happi probably has Chronic Active Hepatitis.  This is an inflammatory disease of the liver.  It is chronic and there is no cure but it seems that if we caught it early enough and we are vigilant she can live many years.  She has a build up of copper and the pathologist has done a pigmentation test that we will get the results next week. That will tell us how much copper she has stored.

I have done some research and with medicine, milk thistle, and a good diet she can be fine.  She will have to be tested regularly.  It is really interesting that milk thistle is what they give dogs.

I have jury duty in the morning so I have to get some sleep.  Especially after this week, I may fall asleep in the box! 

Until tomorrow...

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