Friday, February 28, 2014


Today I took Brenda to her quarterly glaucoma check-up. While we were over at doctor central, I stopped in at my ankle doctors office. The doc just happened to be standing at the front desk. I told her I can't go to the MRI place because of my new insurance. She took me in the back and told me she is worried that if she signs my MRI slip, the insurance company will no authorized it. So she told me to get my primary doc to sign it. Then she told me she was not charging me for the last appointment.  She said she is trying to get on the ACA but can't figure it out. My insurance company told me that if my doc wanted to be on the plan but needed help to let them know and they would get them on the plan.  I took my form to my primary for him to sign. I will pick it up next week.

Until tomorrow...


  1. I'm trying this again, since blogspot ate my first attempt at commenting this morning (it does this frequently, just sos you knows):

    It's absolutely deplorable that an insurance company can deny tests needed for diagnosis and/or treatment. And for a doctor to be reluctant to order and sign such a test because if she does, the insurance people will likely deny it is worse than deplorable. I can't even think of a word to describe that.

    I hope all your doctors do all they can to be part of the ACA, Adrienne. Sometimes I'm just gobsmacked by those evil, greedy insurance people.

    On another subject: How about this RAIN?!! It's just a delight. :oD

    1. I just want to clarify Wren, my ankle doc was trying to be helpful. She was worried that the ins co would not authorize the MRI with her signature since she is not part of the ACA. She wanted to make sure I was not rejected that is why she sent me to my primary for a signature. It is all good.

      Loving the rain! I have had to take 3" of water tout of the pond twice now.

  2. Thanks, Adrienne. I did get that your doc was looking out for your best interests--and that's a good doc. I just meant that it's awful that she HAS to do that (since the ins. co. will likely deny her recommendation). I hope she's able to join up with the ACA and save both of you the trouble. :o)

    Also: I'm glad Happi is doing so well. When our beloved animal-friends get sick, it's almost worse than having a human friend become ill. I felt like a part of me was torn out when my old cat-friend died a while back.

    Have a fun and restful weekend. And here's to more rain!


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