Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Today I took Happi to the veterinarian.  She was excited to go right up until we got there.  She is usually so happy to go see the doc but not today.  I guess the last few times she was there they did so many things to her she said "oh, no!".  But once she got in the back and all her friends were there, she was fine.  They took some blood and tomorrow we will get the results. 

The doc thought she looked much better and seemed great.  He said we could start giving her some real dog food again in little amounts.  We can also give Happi her flea medication.  He wants us to stop the heart worm for now.  There are no mosquitos at this time anyway. 

It started raining!  I had to go empty some water out of the pond.  I took about 3 inches out.  In a day or so I will see if I have to take out more water.  We need the water so I am not complaining.  I love the new pump!

I will let you know about Happi's results tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

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